All development occurs within a broader context that is largely determined by "policy" decisions made at all levels of society. As we face the environmental, social, and economic challenges of our time, we must reconsider our basic framework, or paradigm, for making decisions. BRUCE A. SILVERBERG ARCHITECTURE helps people make choices for life in the 21st century.


A special project has been the development of a holistic planning tool called the Societal Impact Matrix™. Developed in 1996 for the United Nations Habitat II conference and presented at their NGO Forum, this matrix helps decision makers trace the ramifications of their policies on a broad range of societal needs and challenges them to take responsibility for impacts that fall outside their traditional purviews.

Mr. Silverberg has presented his matrix at conferences in the United States and abroad, and he offers workshops for any organization or group interested in learning more about this planning tool.

Originally a 30-inch square poster, the Societal Impact Matrix traces the impacts of inputs in fifteen policy areas on a corresponding range of fifteen societal needs.